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Impact Report 2023

Message from the CEO

For many of us life can progress somewhat predictably for much of the time. Over the years I have come to realise that predictability is often no bad thing! Getting stuck in a rut can seem one of our biggest concerns here in the UK. But then, seemingly out of nowhere, our world is turned upside down. We all experienced this in the not-too-distant past with the global pandemic. Yet while 'normal life' may have resumed for most, people living in many of the countries where we work were plunged into deeper turmoil in 2023.

We plan sustainable projects that, over time, fight both leprosy and poverty. Yet each year there is a curveball and an urgent need to meet. 2023 proved to be no exception. In the 10 countries in which we work, millions of lives were blighted by political unrest, famine and climate disasters. 

In April, fighting broke out between two rival factions of the military government of Sudan. Eight million people have since fled their homes and there is growing hunger.

In May, Cyclone Mocha made landfall in Western Myanmar. With wind speeds of up to 250km per hour, it was one of the strongest cyclones to ever hit Myanmar destroying homes and livelihoods.

In July, a military coup took place in Niger. Borders closed and trade came to a standstill leading to a steep rise in food prices. People affected by leprosy who already went hungry faced starvation. Instability and violence continued to hinder our work in Ethiopia, Myanmar and Mozambique.

People affected by leprosy are always the people rocked most by a crisis. They are always the last to be reached, the first to go hungry and the ones left struggling to rebuild their lives. It is thanks to you that we were able to reach so many of these people in their greatest hour of need in 2023. Because of you, lifesaving aid reached communities affected by leprosy in Myanmar and Niger. 

Incredibly our teams continued bravely serving in hostile and troubled environments. Fuelled by your generosity, they worked tirelessly to find and cure people of leprosy. Through risking their own lives, they were able to transform the lives of others. People who would otherwise be forgotten and pushed further to the fringes of society. I am in awe of their commitment and of your generosity for making transformation happen.

As well as bringing about transformation in a broken world, in 2023 we were able to look and plan for the future. As a result, the first specialist leprosy nursing college opens in India in September! The Leprosy Mission runs 14 hospitals in India, all of which need specialist nurses. As many of our nurses are approaching retirement age, it is essential that we train up a new generation. We are so thankful that you recognised this need. By doing so you made sure that someone diagnosed with leprosy today has the care they need now and in the future.

In January, we merged The Leprosy Mission England, Wales, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man with The Leprosy Mission Scotland. Together we are now The Leprosy Mission Great Britain. We are united in our fight against leprosy and the devastation it all too often brings. By joining together, we are able to work more effectively to serve people affected by leprosy. 

In Psalm 133 we are encouraged that where people of faith live and work in unity, God bestows his blessing. We look forward to seeing the fulfilment of this promise as we work together with you, our field teams and of course people affected by leprosy.

I pray that you feel blessed and encouraged when reading this Impact Report. It is only through your ongoing partnership that we can continue bringing transformation to this troubled world. Thank you.


Peter Waddup
Chief Executive

Above: The team in Niger deliver emergency food aid in the aftermath of the military coup.
Left: Dr Grace Patta stands outside India's first leprosy nursing college at Salur Hospital. (© Sabrina Dangol)

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